5 level Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rat Cage Cages 2493 Black Cage

5 level Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rat Cage Cages 2493 Black Cage

Please read below before purchasing!!! New 5 level extra large small animal / bird cage with stand. Product include: one cage & one stand. Large lift up front doors with small doors inside. Metal shelves & ladders for small animal.

Dimension: 30″length x 18″depth x 55height. Animal safe epoxy coated finish. Dimension: 30″ x 18″ x 4.5.

We just bought this cage for our sugar gliders. They absolutely love gives them plenty of space to move and jump around. You really can’t beat this cage for the price. The other reviews stating how difficult it is to put together… We actually printed out the instructions when we were assemble it. We never even looked at them. Explanatory on how it goes together.

I’ve assembled toys for my daughter. That had a higher degree of difficulty than this cage.

Being a great handyman and i’ve never claimed to be the most adept at. But it’s very easy to figure out. This is the first one i’ve done simply. Because i strongly disagree with the difficulty of figuring out how to. The only real thing about this cage that i would. Consider “bad” is the need to bend the hooks to hold the cage together.

Outweighs the downside of having to assemble the cage. The hooks isn’t really bad.

If anything, it’s the physical work of. If you don’t have the right pliers or have a.

Weak grip/set of hands, it could be a little taxing. Certain hooks a little difficult to get a good angle on to squeeze. Long nose pliers and tongue-and-groove pliers. They were enough to get. I give it 4 of 5 stars for assembly and 5 of 5 with. Our overall satisfaction of the cage. I think our sugar gliders would. This is a multipurpose economy wire cage.

It is used as both a bird cage or for small animals. These cages are equipped 1 of 2 ways, either for. Birds with feeders and perches, or for small animals with ladders and. Platforms, when used for small animals, please use cable.

Feeder doors that will not be used and clips. As locks for the large. If used for ferrets or chins, since the cage has a bottom. Grille, ladders and platforms that are made the same as the sides of the. Cage with ½ spaced wires, it may be necessary to cut some kind of. Wire cages are light in weight, that’s the only way we can sell this size of cage for the price we do. Being a wire cage the strength of the cage is when it is assembled.

Cages have 2.9, 2.4 & 1.5 mm wire construction. This cage can hold your small birds. & small animals without problem.

Unpack the contents of the carton: 2493-s is the 55 cage. 1 front piece with the.

1 back piece with both the top panel and the bottom tray holder (square) attached. 2 side pieces – 1 plastic tray – 2493-s – 4 feeders & 4 perches.

Take the front piece with the. Attached and set it upon its side with the bottom grill extended to the side. Next take the back piece with the top and tray.

Holder and set it up on its side next to the front piece. Panel over to the back panel so the hooks on the top of the cage grab. The back panel and they can be squeezed closed. Will fit in between the bars so. You can get a good tight squeeze on the hooks.

Make sure you push the. Hook as far as possible before squeezing it closed. Bottom grill over to the front and attach the same way. Now take one of the side pieces and. Place it on top of what you have assembled with the handle to the. Outside and the 3 half loops to the bottom, once in place squeeze the 3. Hooks at the top and then the hooks on each side. Now there is a hook.

On the side of the bottom grill sticking out, it goes on top of the. Second horizontal bar from the bottom for support and is squeezed as.

Now take the tray holder and over the 3 half circles on the bottom of the side piece and squeeze. Them up on the tray wire. Now turn the cage over and install the other side the same way. For the bird cage just install the tray, feeders and perches.

The small animal cages now need the ladders and. The platforms have tabs that go over the vertical. Bars on the front and back of the cage, once in place these need to be. Squeezed to hold in place and adds even more stability to the cage. We’re adding hooks on the side that fit against the side of the cage, some of the 55″ have them now but the 36″ won’t have them until feb. The ladders are made long on purpose, once you have. The platforms in place and squeezed, set the ladder in place and you can. Either just leave them the length they are or you can cut the bottom to.

If you’re cutting them measure the ladder so it is a. Little longer than you need, you can cut away any rungs that aren’t. Needed and bend the ends around the platforms to give you the best fit.

When using this cage for small. Animals we use the cables tie to close the feeder doors not needed and.

Clips to use as locks for the large doors. If you follow these instructions this is a very strong and safe cage for your small animals. Causes beyond the control of our carriers, including, but not limited to the.
Following: acts of god, riots, strikes or other labor disputes, air traffic. Control delays, disruptions in air or ground transportation networks due to. Events such as weather phenomena and natural disasters. Please note:we are not accept personal checks, no exceptions. Any reason, not completely satisfied with your order, you may return any item. Within 14 days of receipt. Received during these days will be answered asap. Any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.
Will be charged only for california customer.
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  • Model: 2493 Black
  • Main Color: Black
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